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dr Marta Białecka-Pikul


Developmental and Educational Psychology Unit

room: 3.02.

e-mail: marta.bialecka-pikul@uj.edu.pl 

Office Hours: Thursdays: 6.30-7.30 p.m

Research interests:

Development of reflective thinking and cognitive control, especially mentalising ability (theory of mind), internal speech and executive function. My research have focused on development of preschool children’s theories of mind. My publication in this area are mostly in Polish, e.g. the book : Co dzieci wiedzą o umyśle i myśleniu. Próba badania i opisu dziecięcej reprezentacji stanów mentalnych, (Wyd. UJ 2002; What do children know about mind and thinking. An attempt to investigate children’s representation of mental states). Now I try to construct instruments to examine theory of mind in adolescents and adults (e.g. Metaphor test). I work on habilitation thesis entitled Narodziny i rozwój refleksji nad myśleniem (The birth and development of reflection on thinking).


  • Developmental psychology
  • Developmental psychopathology
  • Life span development of theory of mind

Other information:
Member of European Society for Developmental Psychology and Sekcja Psychologii Rozwojowej Polskiego Toarzystawa Psychologicznego